A History of Judo

A Brief History

Judo is a Japanese martial art that was developed in 1882 by its founder Jigoro Kano. Having trained traditional Japanese Jujustu most of his life, Kano set out to develop a style which maximized efficiency and minimized effort. Judo is sometimes referred to as “the gentle way.” It is called this since it teaches that strength alone does not always win.

Olympic Judo

The rules for judo competitions started to be developed in 1899. These rules continued to be modified as the sport grew. In 1964 judo was added as an event in the Olympics. Initially this was only a men’s Olympic event, women’s judo was not added until 1988. Today more than 100 nations participate in Olympic Judo.


Judo emphasizes the use of throws, sweeps, and grappling. This makes judo a dynamic and exciting sport, as well as excellent method of self defense.